Monday, March 30, 2009


The purpose of this blog is to write about past events in my life, from my early childhood to present, not in order, but at random, as the spirit strikes me. Over time, and before I forget many details, I plan to talk about my parents, my childhood and all the countries I visited. It will be good for my little grandchildren (Langston and Desmond, 2 years+ and 9 months in April 2009) to hear about a very different childhood than their own. I am a totally inexperienced blogger but I’ll endeavor to learn and to write clearly. English is my 3rd language (after French and Italian) and some of the sentences maybe awkward and the grammar not what it should be, but my goal is not to write the Great American Memoir. I am tolerant and not adverse to different viewpoints and spirited debates and shall enjoy receiving comments.

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