Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meeting with Bloggers

Since the weather has been so very nice, warm, sunny and dry, we have made several trips close by to enjoy the glorious foliage. I took many pictures and will include them in posts, but autumn lasts until December 20th, so there is time to show them. It seems the golden colors are surrounding our garden and we can see this grand display from any window. Our fig tree still has two figs remaining –

(Click on collage to enlarge, and click again on each picture)

Walking in our neighborhood is also a pleasure, even early in the morning (well, around 10 o’clock) when it is a bit cloudy.

As I write this, today Wednesday, was in the 70s (21-23 C.) But as we say in French there is “le revers de la médaille (the back of the medal, or the downside) and today that meant spending over an hour in our little room in the center of the house while tornadoes went over our area. We listened, but did not hear any tree falling in our in woods.

But I will not talk about trips or beautiful scenery – I’ll make this post somewhat more personal. Last Saturday we had an enjoyable time at my daughter’s in-laws and their extended family. It was the engagement party of my daughter’s brother-in-law. At least 40 to 50 people enjoyed the South Indian (Kerala) food which was delicious.

Also, yesterday evening, my husband and I attended the Atlanta Opera production of Lucia di Lammermoor. It is an opera in three acts. The libretto was written by Gaetano Donizetti in 1835. It was based on Sir Walter Scott’s (1771-1832) “The Bride of Lammermoor.”

The Bride of Lammermoor by Sir John Everett Millais, English 1829-1896

It is the tragic story of Lucy (Lucia) Ashton caught in a feud between her family and the Ravenswoods. The setting is 17th century Scotland – the Lammermuir Hills.

Lucy Ashton by William Etty, English 1787-1839

The sets were well designed and the ladies costumes outstanding – they were in tones of beige, cream, light brown, etc. which gave the impression of looking at a painting. Scottish bagpipes were playing outside the opera.

Photographs were not allowed in the theatre but I took some pictures before and after the opera.

We had not seen a live performance since last May (then another opera in Vienna, Austria) so we enjoyed this opera very much. The story is quite sad and I thought about reading Sir Walter Scott’s book but right now I have several books started and should not start another one. Below are the books currently by my bed. They are from left: Exit Interviews by William D. Hendricks, Drifter’s Gold by Don Blanding, The Discovery of France by Graham Robb, Dinner at Miss Lady’s by Luann Landon, My War by Andy Rooney (am almost finished – this is a library book), Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Claudine à l’école by Colette and The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and other stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I also have some mysteries that I usually take with me on trips.

The title of my post is Meeting with Bloggers so I better start talking on this subject. The first blogger I knew was my daughter Céline, of course. She started her blog Living in Long Beach in 2006 but did not post often (4 posts in 2006.) Lately she has been posting more. She helped me start my blog in March 2009 and is the person I go for help when I have a problem with my blog, or my computer. She usually knows the answers or finds them or makes them up as she is very creative. Below is a picture of Celine with her father, my husband, when we were visiting her in California.

The second blogger I met was Ginnie of the blog In Soul . Somehow I had found the name of her blog on another blog I was reading. At the time she had just moved to Holland from Atlanta. However when she came back to Atlanta for a visit we met for lunch. It was as if we had known each other for a long time. Ginnie takes beautiful photographs. She loves to travel and has many friends. We had a fun time. Here she is below.

The above photos are courtesy of Ginnie. she also let me copy a couple of photos from her photoblog Hart and Soul . That was a very difficult task to pick only two as so many outstanding photographs are in her archives. Her pictures are stunning - she really is an accomplished photographer.

The third blogger I met was Renny from the blog RennyBa's Terella . In July 2010 Renny had organized a "Blog Gathering" in Oslo where many bloggers came. We all had a great time. I met his wife Diane of the blog Diane CA's Metamorphoses. Renny and Diane worked a lot to make this gathering a success and it was - it made the type of memories that will stay with us. Below is Renny outside the Oslo Town Hall where we were met by the Oslo Mayor.

At this gathering I met several other bloggers like TorAa of the blog TorAa Mirror. He helped me with my camera when I had a problem. His son lives in Michigan so he comes to the USA often. Here he is below.

The Life Cruisers from Sweden from the blog Lifecruiser Travel Blog were another couple we met in Oslo. I took their picture on the steps of the Oslo Town Hall after the reception. They are wearing copies of Swedish Medieval costumes which they purchased in their summer island of Gotland, Sweden.

Their blog contains many interesting facts about traveling and lovely pictures. Here is a Faro fishing boat that they let me copy for this post.

There were several other bloggers at this great gathering but it lasted only three days with groups visiting Oslo in different areas, so I did not get a chance to talk to everyone. The next blogger I met was in New York City last year in November. Christina of the blog Bowsprite: A New York Harbor Sketchbook invited us for dinner when she found out we were in New York. Her apartment then was by the New York harbor and had lovely views. Just look at the pictures I took behind her large windows. I could have stayed hours looking at this view.

We also met her new kitten. This last October we went back to New York and had dinner at Christina's again. Her kitten is now a young cat. She and her family have moved to another apartment in New York but still have a wonderful view. It was late in the day but I took a quick picture from her window.

Christina is an artist. She draws beautifully especially boats. Below is a picture of the tug Pegasus which she drew and let me copy for this post.

When we were visiting our daughter in California earlier this year we met another blogger, Naomi of the blog Here in the Hills. Naomi lives in a beautiful house in Hollywood overlooking these hills. When we came back I wrote two posts on Naomi - you can click here to see part one, then part two follows. Naomi had an assortment of tasty refreshments for us and we had some great conversations. She has so many interesting stories to tell. The time went by too quickly. I also took photos from her balcony that can be seen on the two posts I wrote about her.

On our trip to New York last month we went to Long Island. Naomi told us she was born and raised in Great Neck, Long Island and told us where her house had been located. We found her childhood home. This will be in a future post but for now here are pictures we took of her house at the time and of Great Neck.

Last May when we were in Paris we had planned to meet two other bloggers but our schedules did not match. Maybe we will be able to meet in the future. However, we were very happy to meet Karin of the blog An Alien Parisienne. Karin is an American living in Paris. We had a great time talking about France and the US. She lives in an area I do not know well - near the Buttes Chaumont and its beautiful park. That day was cloudy but not cold. We had lunch at Karin's place then she showed us the park. I have many pictures and they will be displayed in a future post. Here is Karin below.

Lastly, last month while in New York City, we met Frances of the blog City Views, Country Dreams. We met her at the Café Lalo in the Upper West Side, where she lives and where our hotel is located. It is a European style café with appetizing pastries. We were happy talking so I did not take many pictures but will show some in a future post. On her blog Frances shows us many areas of New York City as well as the various parades there. She also posts photos of her delicate handiwork, like the crochet sock below. She has an artist eye for colors which she blends in unusual and elegant ways. Below are some of Frances' photos.

In the future I hope to meet other bloggers as they are friends – they are like friends one has known for many years but not in the flesh. It is like when I used to have pen friends. The first time I met them in person they did not feel like strangers as I already knew so much about them. If one reads a blog for a long time one knows that person – what she/he likes, what are her/his favorite things, pastimes and hobbies. The blogger may describe trips, family gatherings, what is on the menu or what is ailing him or her. So when meeting with blogging friends we are not at odds, looking for something to say. All the bloggers I have met above where already my friends as I read their posts so it was such a great pleasure to meet them face to face. I wish I could meet all the blogger friends I read - like those in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, etc., and if I ever go to their country or should they come here, I’ll certainly make my best efforts to meet them. We may not pass the calumet as pictured below, but will share a laugh or two.

A Sign of Friendship, Robert Griffing, American born in 1940


Note – I took the photo at the top of this post in Oslo, Norway. It is an iron gate sculpture in Vigeland Frogner’s Sculpture Park.


livininlb said...

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful your blog is and how many fascinating people you have met because of it. I am proud to be a little part of it's beginning. I am trying to post more often on my blog and as I do, I am amazed again at how you never cease to have interesting and enchanting posts on such a variety of subjects!

Also, the Indian food looks so yummy. I am sorry I missed it.

Your daughter - the one who is Living In Long Beach :)

Ginnie said...

I am one of the lucky ones who has met you, Vagabonde, and I can safely say that you are BETTER in real life than in virtual reality. And I mean that sincerely! My guess is we'll meet again...maybe the next time we're in Atlanta, if our schedules allow. I hope so.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I feel just the same as Ginnie about meeting you "in Person"....And I absolutely feel that you were a friend before we met in person.....I was not at my best when you visited as my dearest friend in the whole world had died just three days before....But hopefully there will be another opportunity on one of your trips to Long Beach.....
BEAUTIFUL pictures of The Fall Foliage in your neck of the woods, my dear....No wonder you are enjoying it as much as you can....! And....Lovely to see my old home, once again....

Frances said...

It's a treat to actually meet folks whom you've met via their blogs. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend those hours with you and your husband at the cafe.

Vagabonde, your posts definitely carry your voice, enthusiasm for life, varied interests and huge wealth of experiences. We readers are so fortunate to connect here; those of us who've met you in person are even more lucky!

I love those pictures at the top of this post of the gorgeous trees around your home. I am so, so glad that you all were not harmed by the passing tornadoes.


claude said...

Bonjour Vagabonde.
Tes posts sont aussi intéressants et merveilleusement bien illustrés.
C'est sympa les recontres de bloggers. On fini par se faire de véritables amis.
Le week-end dernier j'en ai rencontré une. Nous nous suivions depuis presque 5 ans sur nos blogs respectifs et je sais maintenant elle et son mari sont devenus de vrais "potes".
A voir sur mon blog la semaine prochaine.
Je t'embrasse.

Kay L. Davies said...

I have also met several blogging friends, and you describe it exactly: there is no hesitation, because we already know one another.
At the end of this month I am meeting another blogging friend, and perhaps more.
I'm glad this post did show up, because it is full of beautiful photos and stories.
Happy blogging, Vagabone!

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

The Broad said...

What an inspiring post,Vagabonde -- and such a wonderful commentary on people. The media tends to write so much negative stuff about the Internet that it's nice to be reminded that people everywhere can be just wonderful!

bayou said...

Lucky you to have met with Frances! I hope I will be as lucky one day in the future :-).

RennyBA said...

What a wonderful post and really, it goes with my saying: Blogging Connecting People!

It makes the world smaller and the right people getting together!

Thanks also for the nice words about the Oslo Blog Gathering and for your participation! There was at least a couple of blog friends who where really missing there, but you have met them; Ginnie and Naomi - how great.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by :-)

this is Belgium said...

Looking forward to meet YOU ! here in Belgium as I understand you make it over here from time to time !
à bientôt donc

TorAa said...

Hi, this is not a blog-post:
It's a History.
I will bookmark and read it over and over again.


btw. Had Lunch with RennyBA last Tuesday

Paris Paul said...

What a great picture of Karin! I look a little green in my picture and I don't remember being tied down with all those ropes...

Ann said...

another marvelous post!! these wonderful blog friends you have shared..the opera,your daughter..fall trees..oh,i'v had a lovely visit Vagabonde!!!thank you!!

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Lovely, lovely post with lots of wonderful bloggers - including yourself :-)

We have met some other bloggers too and it's always such a delight after all the blog connecting, to finally meet in real life!

I'll try to do some "blogjumping" now to the others too...

DJan said...

You are such an interesting person, and blogging friends are indeed a kind of "pen friend." Some of my virtual friends are as important as any I know in person, and I worry about them and rejoice with them as well. You are an inspiration to many, including me. :-)

Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

Hello, V! I just got your comment on my post, and Paul was sitting here next to me and said that you'd posted about our meeting. Oh how fun! I loved meeting you and your husband so very much. You are both fabulous people with rich and wonderful souls. :)

And look at all the others you have met, too! Such interesting people and writers! Isn't it so much fun to meet creative and diverse people, though?

I am sorry I have been so "lame" about reading your posts. I have thought about you more than once in recent weeks and months, even... But have I come here? Nope. On the good side of that, I am enjoying living life. On the downside, I miss checking in on you with your intelligent and interesting posts. As the commenter before me, DJan says, "You are an inspiration." Definitely.

I'll make it an early New Year's Resolution to check in on you more often. :) I need to get a better reading plan into place.

Take care, V & much love to you and your husband. Thanks again for the shout-out here.

Rosaria Williams said...

You are an inspiration! I have never met any blog friends, and now that I read this, I so want to.

Pondside said...

Meeting blog friends is a wonderful treat to give oneself! I look forward to meeting you one day - who knows!?

Pauline said...

Vagabonde, if ever you make it to New Zealand, I will line up to meet you! So interesting to read about the wonderful people you have met from the blogging world.

Love the fall colour in your photos, we are too tropical to get that sort of colour here.

And I see you are reading a Don Blanding book. Do enjoy!

Kay said...

How terrific that you've met so many people through your blog. I've met 4 so far and it's really special. When I go to their blog, I can feel a personal connection.

Pat said...

No I didn't get this on my Dashboard so I'm grateful you pointed it out as it is such a blog affirming post.
I envy you for all the wonderful blog meets you have had - especially with my dear friend Naomi who I shall never meet but who feels as real to me as me as a sister.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

You go to the best places. Your get-togethers sound fabulous. Small world, I happen to be going to one today.

I forwarded the opera information to my BIL who is moving to the mountains from NY next month and loves opera. We're not that far away and he'll be thrilled with the information. Merci.

Thérèse said...

Un billet for sympathique! Que de rencontres! Meler les rencontres a la lecture reguliere de certains blogs mene parfois a de belles amities! Une experience fort enrichissante.
Je n'oublie pas les couleurs d'automne qui sont magnifiques chez vous et qui nous manquent tant ici.

Jeanie said...

I love, love, love meeting up with bloggers! This year I've been fortunate to connect with several, and when we met there was no strangeness. We were old friends already.

I hope one day a trip to Atlanta will bring us together for tea or a walk in one of the beautiful gardens you've shown. Who knows when, but if you ever head to Michigan, I'll drive to find you wherever you are!

Tamar Orvell said...

It would be fun to meet in Atlanta! Let me know when you're in the Emory area! Best, Tamar

Ruth said...

From your back yard to the rest of the world, this is what you do here, touring us around, and I don't even feel tired. Atlanta looks beautiful, but I'm sorry to hear about the tornadoes. I hope there was no damage.

I love to see the Indian sari colors. I have a sari ready to be made, given to me by a blogger friend. I need to find a seamstress to make the blouse and finish the edge of the wrap. It's a beautiful blue silk.

You have met so many blogger friends! Of course I am most interested in Ginnie, because she is my dear sister. She blogged before me, like your daughter before you, one whole year, and she was my helper too. The whole concept was so new then. I love the photos of hers you picked; I don't think I've seen the one with the beautiful blue door and bicycle!

Your blog is always a resource of inspiration and information for me. I feel a little spoiled by it. I hope you won't ever stop, but of course, blogs come from the soul, and so we must do what our soul desires.

Olga said...

So many interesting things in this post. I really enjoyed reading it, and looked through the beautiful views you have captured. How wonderful that you had so many great meetings with your blogger friends.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I had a similar problem with a blog post not showing up on Google reader, Vagabonde. I think Blogspot is still working out some problems.

It must have been so nice to meet so many bloggers recently! I wish we could have also met when you were in NYC. I am looking forward to looking at the two NYC blogs that you gave links to.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

eastcoastlife said...

It's always fun and exciting to meet up with blogger friends. I was supposed to travel to Oslo for the blogger meet too but did not make it in the end.

I have met up with many bloggers when they visit Singapore or when I travel to Malaysia. I hope to meet with bloggers when I travel to Europe next.

Shammickite said...

How wonderful to meet all of those fascinating people. Many of them are on my blog list too.... for example Ginnie and Tor. If you ever come to Toronto, I'll be very happy to meet up with you and your charming husband, but I'm afraid I can't offer you such wonderful views as you enjoyed in NYC.

Vicki Lane said...

I have met a few blog friends in person --always such fun.

Another fascinating post -- your autumn colors are beautiful!

Diane said...

I have not seen a live show in years, your photos of before and after the opera are beautiful.
I though I was doing well with meeting bloggers but you are way, way ahead of me. Lovely post. Take care Diane

Deborah said...

You are truly a citizen of the world, Vagabonde. I haven't yet met any bloggers in person, but like you, I feel that some are true friends.
Your autumn pictures are lovely, but the photo I liked the most was of your husband and daughter. He looks like an unconventional, interesting person.

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