Saturday, May 16, 2009

News about the Swarm of bees from the azalea bush

As you may recall,in my post of 20 April 2009, entitled "Swarm of bees in the azalea bush" - which you can find below - I explained how this swarm of honey bees was removed by Cindy Bee, Bee's Honey Bee Removal, a beekeeper in our area, while I was taking pictures of the operation.

She sent me a follow-up on these visiting honey bees. Here is what Cindy said:

"The bees are doing very well and the queen has taken off in egg laying. The workers are bringing in pollen and have almost finished drawing out the 10 frames of comb in the brood chamber. They're packing in honey and I'm ready to add another super (box) on the hive. Their pollination abilities alone make them so important to our environment."

In the newspapers I had read that honey bees are disappearing in at least 24 of our states. This is why I was trying to have a professional remove them safely. The mysterious disappearance of honeybees is not only affecting the livelihood of the beekeepers but the pollination of numerous crops. In the United States, up to $14 billions of seeds and crops of vegetables,fruits and nuts are pollinated by honeybees. So this disappearance is very alarming.

If this trend continues, we won't see anymore of these "over the top" pictures.

These are French bee keepers - see the beret below...


DJan said...

Totally cool story. I missed the first one since I only recently started reading your blog. Thanks for take the wise move to save those bees, which are doing very well, it seems.

Darlene said...

The Azalea bush is beautiful. It is too hot for azaleas here.
I'm so glad you saved the honey bees. They are vanishing and no one seems to know why. Pesticides seem to be the most common reason given.

Elaine said...

Glad to hear the bees are doing so well. Those guys with the bees all over them have to be a little bit crazy! The guy with them all over his face really makes me shudder. I don't like getting too close to even one, but if yellow jackets come around I really freak. I suppose it comes down to the fact that I get a lot of swelling with a bee sting. My husband has very little reaction.

BJM said...

Goodness! I have never seen such photos of bees covering the body like that!

Friko said...

It is quite dreadful that bees are disappearing at the rate they do. There have been long news items, learned articles and investigations going on here in the Uk for some time; nobody has come up with a solution yet. GM crops are partly suspected.
Without bees, mankind will lose a large percentage of its food supplies.

Friko said...

me again,
I've just put myself down as your follower. If you open your follower gadget you'll have me and my picture on your blog.
I find your posts very interesting.
I'd be happy to have you follow me, too.

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