Friday, March 29, 2013

A Quilt Show at Bulloch Hall - attic

On Saturday March 16, 2013, we visited a quilt show at Bulloch Hall, an antebellum mansion in Roswell, Georgia.  I already described and showed the quilts on the ground floor and second floor of the mansion.  Today we are visiting the attic for the last post on the quilts.  On that Saturday, before we left the second floor, I took my husband back to the Sewing Room to see a quilt I liked a lot and that he had missed.  It was quilt #128 by Jane B. Broaddus of Dahlonega, Ga.  It is called "The Cat" of course.  She says that in a workshop in Pacific Grove, California, students were asked to bring a picture of a friend.  She brought a picture of her cat "P.T."  (Click on collage twice to enlarge.)
As we went back in the hall to reach the stairs to the attic we passed quilt #104 which was hanging there.  It is called "Hugs and Kisses" by Holly Anderson of Cumming, Ga.  She designed the blocks based on the red and green blocks of the 1850s.
We climbed the steep stairs to the attic and found ourselves in a large room where many quilts were displayed.
There were some old spinning wheels and an antique bed as shown below next to quilt #156 entitled "Curve Every Which Way But Loose" by Diane Berdis of Alpharetta, Ga.
I slowly walked along the quilts to get a better look.
I took some close-ups of red quilt #151 named "The Pilot's Wife" by Diane Knott of Cumming, Ga., (above on extreme right) and black and white quilt #150 named "Black and White and Red All Over" by Anne Crowe of  Mableton, Ga.  I did not see much red in it but Anne says "I made this quilt in celebration of my thirteenth birthday... I chose the name because of the black and white fabric and a nod to the red thread used for quilting."  I looked closely but could not see the red thread - the stitches must have been tiny.
The series of "Diva" quilts were fun.  I liked quilt #165 "Home is Where the Suitcases Are" by Patricia Caffrey of Roswell, Ga., - bottom right quilt below.  She says that she added the names of all the cities in which she lived.  I tried to read them on the photo, but they are not very distinct (around the sides of the quilt.)  I read "Raleigh, Madrid, Santiago" but could not read the other towns.  Here below are four of the Diva quilts.
 I would love to have such an attic in my house, so large and bright.  I would fill it with all our books and add some easy chairs ... The sun was shining through a couple of large windows.  It must get pretty warm here in summer.
We walked back downstairs.  We saw the quilt below in front of the cellar stairs - quilt #48 by Jan Antranikian of Alpharetta, Ga., called "El Taco Suave."  She says "My venture into 3-D quilts.  (Please put on 3-D glasses!)" It did look appetizing even without 3-D glasses.
We thought we might find more quilts in the cellar, but there were none.  The cellar looked so empty from the last time we saw it a Christmas.  Then it was decorated and bright.  Below you can see how it looks now and last Christmas.
There are some informative panels explaining the running of the "Open-Earth Kitchen" way back then.  "A fire was built in the oven and allowed to burn for about one and a half to two hours before the interior bricks held enough heat to bake."  And also "The cook has to be able to read the fire to know which coals are the hottest."  - "Meat was often served at the table with the feet and head attached."
On the table were more panels, one read - "The Open-Hearth Kitchen   Maum Rose was the Cook of the household "... and such corn muffins as she made - they linger in ones memory and like other beautiful things are a joy forever."  Another panel explained laundry chores "The Open-Hearth Kitchen set up for ironing  "I think Maum Charlotte must have done the washing" and possibly the ironing.  The Bulloch's clothes would have been washed (soaked, scrubbed, boiled and rinsed) in a big kettle outside the kitchen.  The clothes were then hung on fences, lines or placed outdoors on the grass to dry."
Outside, the sun was shining and it was now around 75 degrees F (24 C.)  It did not last though as in the following days it was cool again.
But that Saturday it was a joy to walk in Bulloch Hall garden and look at some of the spring flowers.
The forsythia shrubs were in full bloom, the flowering quince was showing some pretty red flowers but I was surprised to see a lavender bush already showing some flowers too.  Of course periwinkles were all over the grass.
We walked back to the front porch of the house and sat in two rocking chairs thinking about the artistry we had just seen adorning the walls of Bulloch Hall - a visual feast of vibrant colors and imagination.


Margaret said...

I adore the white walls and dark furniture. Art and lights do make it all look festive! My Mother-in-law quilts like this. I'm in awe. Off to see the other quilt posts.

stadtgarten said...

Wow! Beautiful quilts, and a beautiful house and garden!
I also like the cat quilt a lot, at first sight I thought it would be a painting!
Joyeuses fetes de Paques, bisous, Monika

David said...

Vagabonde, Another series of great photos! I really liked the kitchen photos and the flowers... We're only 2 - 3 hours north of you but our flowers are a bit behind those in your pictures. Our flowering quince really never stopped blooming all winter...and now it's spectacular. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

OldLady Of The Hills said...

WOW! i don't think I've ever seen so much creativity and uniqueness where quilts are concerned!! They are all truly amazing in every way. I think the one of the Cat is beyond fantastic!! Again, so very unique....Bulloch House certainly presents many treasured experiences during the year. I thank you so very much, dear Vagabonde for sharing all of this joyous beauty with all of us!
I would never be able to see this without your thorough and special eye for "ART" as well as your ability to tell us so much about all of this, as well....

Elephant's Child said...

Thank you so much for this incredibly detailed and beautiful series. I have bookmarked them, and will come back time and time again. I am in awe at the inspiration and realisation of these dramatic quilts. Any of them would be an heirloom.
The detail in 'The Cat' just blew me away.
Thank you again. So much.

BJM said...

So pretty! So many quilts!

BJM Glasgow

DJan said...

More fabulous quilts. The place is a real treasure, and to have it available for your visits is a real plus. I feel so fortunate to be able to visit your places with you, as you make it possible with your wonderful pictures and descriptions. Happy Easter, if you celebrate it. :-)

Frances said...

Vagabonde, I've enjoyed seeing all your posts about this quilt show. Whoever organized the exhibit did a fantastic job. The quilters themselves should definitely be so proud of their creations. What remarkable varieties of approaches to quilting was on display.

I would love to see a photo of you and your husband sitting in those two rocking chairs!


Niall & Antoinette said...

lovely quilts - my cousin does this kind of beautiful work. I can barely thread a needle!

Oh for mid 70's!! Our weather is still wintry and everything is about 4 to 5 weeks behind schedule :-(

Pondside said...

It's lovely to be able to visit a garden, or an historic house, at different seasons. The quilts are all so interesting, but I find myself drawn particularly to the more traditional patterns.
I hope you got my note!

Fennie said...

Love those rocking chairs on the verandah.

Dee said...

Dear Vagabonde, you summed up the quilt venture you shared with us with the words "a visual feast of vibrant colors and imagination." I so agree.

My favorite quilts from this post were "hugs and kisses" and PT "portrait." Cats are always a favorite of mine and this quilt caught all the majesty of a feline. Peace.

Jeanie said...

As you might expect, I was "cat"apulted into euphoria with that cat quilt. What an amazing venue for this display -- that's as fascinating as the quilts and nearly as beautiful.

Glad to see spring coming your way. We are hopeful!

Happy Easter!

Patricia said...

Lovely exhibition and some super quilts. Thanks for sharing V.
Patricia x

Ruth said...

It's exciting to see the sun and flowers in your pictures and know that spring really is there, and coming here. We have a few crocuses but will have some cold weather yet this week.

I really love old fashioned homes and old things, and I love quilts (who doesn't?). I used to make them, and what I loved about that most was the designing part. I still prefer traditional patterns, but I can appreciate the incredible talent and work involved ins the pictorials ones. My favorite in this post is the red one with traditional squares.

Nadezda said...

Another very interesting tour! I love red and green block!
The history of Bulloch family is awesome. Great photos of their rooms and kitchen, I love history.

Marguerite-marie said...

encore une belle visite le chat est magnifique et j'aime le quilt où on trouve 4 jeunes filles. Une bien nelle demeure et le jardin est aussi très agréable!
sont-ils à vendre ? en as-tu acheté?

Linda said...

Dear Vagabonde, Linda, from Les Petites Gourmettes here. I left this same response to your recent comment on my blog, but wasn't certain you would see it there... "That is exactly how it is with me and my 25 yr old daughter, who lives in California. She nearly always calls me on her drive home from work. Not that I mind, I’ll talk to her anytime she’s able. I went to your blog, you are quite the world traveler! I’m very envious. And I wish I could say I spoke French, but my 2 years of high school French didn’t stick with me much. I’m most fluent in French food words… that’s about it. I did use Google Translate (it reminds me of something) for your phrase. :-) Thank you for all your recent comments and for checking in on the blog. Next time, leave me your name, if you’d like. Best wishes (or according to Google Translate – meilleurs vœux), Linda"

Anonymous said...

•✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰
Coucou Chère Vagabonde et merci pour ce partage à travers tes belles photos et toutes les infos. C'est très beau !!!!

GROS BISOUS ensoleillés d'Asie jusqu'à chez toi !!!
Bon lundi de Pâques ! :o)
•✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi ;o) Thank you for coming by my blog ;o) A pleasure to meet you ;o) Yes, I have tried to communicate with my crows ;o) We do have a bond. I actually like talking to all my birds ;o) They know they are welcome, where I live ;o) Your post is breathe taking! What a beautiful home! The quilts are gorgeous! I love all the flowers too! Take Care ;o)

Cloudia said...

Tres Cool!

Did you know there are Hawaiian Quilt patterns? Google it for nice pics.

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3
> < } } ( ° >

Marja said...

oh that's on my wish list, a house with a porch with a rocking chair, a couple of books and a glass of wine That would be fantastic.
Love the beautiful quilts and I really enjoyed the one with the taco very clever.
Nice to see all these beautiful flowers here we enjoy the autumn colours

Miss_Yves said...

le chat à poils longs est super!

Miss_Yves said...

le manoir et le parc sont très beaux.
Les rocking-chairs donnent envie d'y accueillir le printemps!

Carola Bartz said...

This is pure eye candy! I have never seen a quilt like the cat quilt - first I didn't even think it was a quilt. But even more than the quilts I like the images of the cellar - actually I prefer the "naked" cellar to the Christmas one. My imagination had me, I saw the kitchen and could imagine the table full with food to be prepared, kitchen maids running around... (okay, I admit I watched way too much Downton Abbey).

Friko said...

Gorgeous quilt, gorgeous flowers and a glorious day for the two of you.

I love the cat, I’d even buy it.

annie hoff said...

Hello Vagabonde! Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. And now I've 'popped' over to visit yours. Wow, it certainly is diverse! I've been to Venice. I've seen beautiful butterflies,wonderful rich chocolate cake and a glorious exhibition of quilts. Wonderful photographs.

Kittie Howard said...

I'd love, LOVE to have any of those gorgeous quilts. They're truly works of art. A great aunt gave my parents a quilt similar to the black and white one. Five kids later it still looked really good, so my mother gave it to my sister for her first-born, i.e., the same floor pallet we'd had.

Great photos. What a festive atmosphere Christmas decorations created!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I LOVE every single one of these!! I've always loved quilts.

Al said...

So many quilts and a lovely place to see them all.

Reader Wil said...

Amazing what people can make! Merci de montrer cette belle collection. Formidable!
Je voudrai aussi lire ce livre que vous êtes en train de lire maintenant. Je pense que ce livre est intéressant pour moi. Merci pourl'information.
You see that my French is still very stilty and full of mistakes. Sorry! What I want to say is this: i am very grateful to you to think of me when you read about the concentration camps. What is OSS?

Elaine said...

What gorgeous quilts at that show! I have done only a little quilting, but my daughter-in-law is quite accomplished.

Jenny Woolf said...

Just eye popping what quilters can do. It's not as popular in England as some places, which is a shame so I always take the chance to go to shows when I see them.

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