Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bulloch Hall 35 Quilt Show - attic ... and more

Days pass quickly by and I don't have time to come to the computer; I miss reading my blogging friends' posts.  My husband's dementia/Alzheimer is still progressing, and he needs constant attention.  Our 50th wedding anniversary is coming up on June 17, 2017.  I don't believe he knows he is married anymore, so am not sure what we should do?  Take him to a nice restaurant, maybe, to mark the occasion?  He watches some TV but he does not understand much.  Actually he likes the commercials better - they are loud, colorful and even though we see the same ones all the time, they are always new to him.  I have researched some of them, the most irritating ones.  For example, the Ancestry DNA TV ads, like these two below (picture courtesy

The woman on top, above, Livie, says in the commercial that she travels a lot and people ask her what her nationality is.  She answers "Hispanic."  Really?  I have never heard of a Hispanic nationality because your nationality is the country where you were born and reside in, where you have a passport.  There is no country called "Hispanic" and nationality has nothing to do with your ethnic background or race.  Silly commercial.  The other lady, an actress named Kim Trujillo, says that her Ancestry DNA test showed that she was 26% Native American, and she never knew it.  What?  How can that be, she means 25% maybe.  To be 25% Native American one of her parents had to be 1/2 and one set of grandparents full blooded Native Americans - and she had never heard of her grandparents?  Several years ago I sent for an Ancestry DNA test as I had a 60% off coupon.  The results told me that I was 1/2 Western European (no European country specified) and 1/2 from the Caucasus Mountains (the dividing line between Europe and Asia.)  That's all the test said.  Since my mother and her family were French and my father's family Armenian I already knew this - nothing new there.  This makes my daughters 25% French, 25% Armenian and they know it.  Below is a map of the Caucasus Mountains and pictures of Paris I took, close to where I grew up.

Other annoying TV ads are those from the insurance company Liberty Mutual.  At first I was quite offended that they would use the Statue of Liberty for commercials - it is a national symbol and should not be cheapened like this.  But then I also found that their ads are false.  I have been to New York City many times and have taken the Statue of Liberty's photos.  The view shown on the commercial is not possible, it is too close and facing the dock.  There is no direct view like the one in their picture - top left of collage below, unless you are in the middle of the New York Harbor or on a ferry.  From Battery Park the view of the Statue of Liberty is of the left side (as I show below in my pictures taken from several trips,) from Governors Island it is also a side view and from Liberty Park in NJ a view of the rear.  A misleading ad - and so is the message.  The ad advertizes "new car replacement" but to obtain it, one has to pay extra on a "rider" as it is not covered in their standard policy, and in tiny prints they also mention that one has to meet the "terms and conditions of Liberty Mutual's underwriting guidelines."  Checking independent value assessment services on the Net, it seems that the cost of this Liberty Mutual rider is more expensive than those from GEICO or Allstate insurances.

Then there are the temporary Republican attack ads on Georgia 6th District in suburban Atlanta (we are in the 11th district and can't vote in this election.)  The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican Super PAC aligned with Speaker Paul Ryan, has been spending a $6.5 million campaign against Georgia Democratic House candidate Jon Ossoff.  The TV ads are constant.  They are super negative, bigoted, Islamophobic, racist and divisive - they show Jon Ossoff's face in front of known terrorists (which I won't copy.)  Even though this is a Georgia election the Republican ads show pictures of San Francisco with people wearing Jon Ossoff tee-shirts, and a guy disguised as a hippie with braids at Fisherman's Wharf, a hipster with an ugly floppy hat in the Russian Hills, and more.  The ads keep repeating "Jon Ossoff is not one of us."  They did go too far by placing a photo of Jon Ossoff on a SF Powell-Hyde Street cable car.  The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency sent a "cease-and-desist" request to the PAC, saying this is unauthorized and a misrepresentation.  The PAC then moved the picture to the Golden Gate Bridge!  Could be the PAC knows their GA Republican constituency, thinking that they are ignorant (that they must believe there are still genuine hippies in San Francisco? - no, they left in 1967 when the wave of hippie wannabe arrived!) bigoted, afraid and uninformed - maybe they are right.  Many Republicans are more interested in "party" than what is best for the "country."  The runoff is June 20, 2017.  These estremist ads smearing the Democratic candidate will then stop, thankfully.  (Photos courtesy Atlanta Journal Constitution.)

I would enjoy talking about all this with my husband as we used to, but because of his illness he cannot - he would not understand what I am talking about (he still does not understand who Donald Trump is.)  So, I thought about talking with y'all!
Just one last terrible ad to mention.  This one really upsets me because it is so deceitful.  Since the onset of my husband's dementia/Alzheimer I have been taking him to the best doctors in Georgia.  He is a patient of the Emory's Brain Health Center in Atlanta.  His doctor is the director, Allan Levey, MD, PhD., who is also the head of the Emory Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (with 400 researchers and clinicians,) one of the top centers in the nation supported by the National Institute of Health.  After watching TV ads for the supplement "Prevagen" I asked them whether I should give it to my husband.  The answer was a resounding "no" because it was worthless.  Furthermore I was told that not a single doctor in the center recommended this supplement but told patients to avoid it.  So I researched it.  In 2012 the FDA investigated the company and found the supplement has serious side effects, including seizures and strokes and had no scientific backing.  They sent the company a warning, telling them that their claims for Prevagen were illegal; their clinical trials were also illegal because they lacked FDA approval and they failed to adequately report adverse reactions.  But the drug company kept saying that their supplement, from an element found in jellyfish, improves memory in 90 days and provides other cognitive benefits.  Their ads affirm that the product is "clinically shown" to support "clearer thinking."  Below is a picture of moon jellyfish, courtesy the Key West Aquarium.

In January 2017, the Federal Trade Commission charged the makers of Prevagen with making false and unsubstantiated claims - read the FTC claim here.  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement "The marketing for Prevagen is a clear-cut fraud, from the label on the bottle to the ads airing across the country," "It is particularly unacceptable that this company has targeted vulnerable citizens like seniors in its advertising for a product that costs more than a week's groceries, but provides none of the health benefits that it claims."  Dr. Bob Speth, a scientist and professor at Nova Southeastern University school of pharmacy filed a complaint about Prevagen with the Federal Trade Commission in 2016.  He calls Prevagen "one of the most fallacious products I have seen come on the market."  He added that these supplement marketers are making millions of dollars by tapping into the deepest fears of seniors and aging boomers.  Court documents show that sales of Prevagen were topping $165 million in 2015.  All these ads are distressing because so many people believe what they see on television, but fortunately I have a "mute" button on my TV remote...  (Pictures of cannonball jellyfish and comb jellyfish.)

Another event that took some of my time was the election of the new President of France.  Being dual citizen (France and the USA) I received many emails and mailings on this election.  I took a picture of the last mailing I received and show it below.  Marine LePen (48,) the Far-right candidate from the Front National Party, faced independent centrist Emmanuel Macron (39) on May 7, 2017.  Marine LePen strongly admires Vladimir Putin and visited him in Moscow (and he endorsed her for President of France.)  President Donald Trump expressed support for LePen even though her party has a long history of racism, anti-Americanism, Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.  As for Marine LePen she approved of and copied Donald Trump's campaign style.  But this did not serve her well as the latest polls showed that 71% of French people had an unfavorable view of Putin and most of them disliked Donald Trump even more, 82% of French people! The US elected their extreme right wing candidate, but on May 7th, the French rejected theirs and Emmanuel Macron was elected.  It looks to me as though D. Trump scared many countries in Europe as in other countries' elections where the Right wing parties were favored to win, they were also rejected, such as in Austria and the Netherlands.  That said, there is no extreme right propaganda machine like US television channel Fox News over there.

Emmanuel Macron was Economy Minister in a previous administration and also an investment banker.  He speaks fluent English (he was a Young Leader in the French-American Foundation.)  He is married to Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years his senior.  Some Trump supporters made jokes about the age difference between Macron and his wife - of course they never made jokes about Donald Trump and his wife, even though she is 24 years his junior!  Macron is the youngest French head of state since Napoleon.  He is very pro-Europe.  Macron's new government administration includes 11 men and 11 women, from right and left parties, in an effort to bridge the right-left divide (this would never happen here!) (Bottom picture is of E. Macron and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, at the G7 Meeting in Italy this week, courtesy Paris-Match magazine.)

Well I better get back to the Bulloch Hall quilt show.  In my previous posts I showed the quilts exhibited on the ground floor, look here,  and second floor, look here.  It is not because some quilts were in the attic that they were not as beautiful as the others, because they were.  Their bright colors lightened the attic.

We walked closer to each quilt to see their distinct designs.

Some were elaborate.

Others had very interesting shapes and colors.

Some quilts had flowery motifs that were lovely - each one unique.

I was drawn to the blue quilt - it was really exquisite.

We left the attic with our eyes still filled with glorious colors.  In my last post I showed a photo of Bulloch Hall that I had done with a special setting on my camera - here it is below again.

This time I manipulated some pictures of Bulloch Hall.  I am not sure which one I like the best - which is your favorite?  (Click on collage to enlarge.)

Since we are going to move from Georgia to our house in Nashville - eventually ... we may never go back to visit historic antebellum house Bulloch Hall again.  In my last photo, I placed an ardent sunset around the mansion to say good-bye, au revoir...


Elephant's Child said...

Love that sunset image. And the sentiments behind it.
From this side of the world I watch Trump and his supporters in horror. And cheered the results of the French election.
My heart goes out to you with all that is on your plate. I do hope you can find some peaceful, restorative time to yourself.

donna baker said...

Well, I guess Trump was good for something. What gorgeous quilts. Can't imagine. That is good to know about Prevagen. I too worry that I am getting Alzheimer's. Terrible things to have to face with your husband. Hope your anniversary is a good one.

DJan said...

This post is filled with so much I can only say "Brava" for it! I didn't know that about Prevagen, but I have seen ads for it on TV in the recent past. And all you said about Trump is unfortunately true. What a boor; it makes me embarrassed to be American. And the quilts are wonderful. I especially like the shaded cubes. :-)

David said...

Vagabonde, I've ignored most of the ads you talked about. I'm sure that you just scratched the surface of the phony claims out there. many other OTC just another way to convince us to part with our money!

I subscribe to and I've enjoyed researching our family trees. We also took the genetic test. Mine was no surprise...English, German and Swedish. My wife learned that she had some significant traces of ancestry that tracked back to the Iberian Peninsula and Eastern Europe added to her German and Scotch Irish roots. I recently discovered a ship manifest on-line showing one of my ancestors coming to the US from to me! ugly and divisive topic! One of the worst things that the Supreme Court ever did was to legalize PACs... If a candidate from either party makes outlandish claims, at least there is someone that can be challenged about them. However, if a big PAC runs false ads or a smear campaign in the name of a candidate, there answerable to almost no one. Where I live, most folks are conservative Republicans and if you disagree with their positions on the environment, health insurance programs, immigration, etc., many of them won't even engage in a civil discussion on the topic! Democrats in this area just don't talk politics with one couple telling me that politics have already cost them too many "friends". I'm a rare animal these days...a moderate...and I don't seem to fit into either party.

My prayers are with you and your husband as you try to cope with his Alzheimer's and your move to Nashville.

Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Your life is very full. It is heartening that you can take a break from the demands of a partner with dementia to appreciate your surroundings and the talents of others. Bullock Hall is beautiful, particularly in your manipulated sunset. Warm wishes

Moving with Mitchell said...

Incredible images. Thanks for sharing. And I am in awe of the talent, skill, artistry, and craftsmanship displayed in those quilts. TV commercials!!! Sorry you have to be subjected to the aggravation, but thanks for pointing out some of the flaws that I wouldn´t have noticed -- I have to tell you I found your discovery of the Statue of Liberty shots very entertaining. I had wondered how they got those great shots!

Linda said...

Hi dear friend, I stay out of political discussions, particularly when it isn't in my area (Montreal, Canada), and especially when it involves Trump. LOL! I love those quilts, they are gorgeous! And your photos are beautiful, I find jellyfish fascinating. I always enjoy your posts and look forward to them. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Thérèse said...

Je t'admire d'avoir fait toutes ces recherches sur ces publicités mensongères qui existent malheureusement ici aussi. Nos médecins reçoivent la visite de démarcheurs et prescrivent nombre de médicaments inutiles principalement contre le cholestérol. La dernière trouvaille ce sont les médicaments contre la tension haute dont la limite est passée de 16 à 14: tu t'imagines le profit du circuit pharmaceutique. Quant aux personnes âgées, on les bourre de médicaments principalement d'anti anxiolytiques, conclusion elles meurent de vieillesse et de rien d'autre... Quelle honte!
Il y a un très bon livre écrit par Pr Bernard Debré et Pr Philippe Even "guide des 4000 médicaments utiles, inutiles ou dangereux" un peu notre bible ici... Ils ne parlent malheureusement pas de Prevagen. Ils parlent de Mémantine qui a un risque mineur et de trois autres produits à risque important.
Bref il n'y a pas à se réjouir.
Je vous souhaite un bon anniversaire de mariage, le bonheur ne se refait pas et tu as des tas de souvenirs heureusement.
Le quilt à fleurs 118 est magnifique. Que d'Amour dans tous ces quilts/patchworks.
Elections françaises? Je passe dessus, ce fut entre la peste et le choléra, nous allons droit dans une société à seul but commercial... nous apprenons ici à lutter à petits pas autour de nous comme nous pouvons avec nos moyens et je dois dire que je vois des résultats prometteurs chez les jeunes.

Roger Gauthier said...

Reading your post today was difficult. I am so sorry for your husband, I cannot say how much. Hélène and I will reach 50 years of marriage on June 24 - almost the same as you! But we are so lucky, life has been good for us, there is no justice in all that. Life is totally unfair. You just pick your number when you're born and there you go, a good part of what will happen you cannot control at all. Sheer luck, or bad luck, it depends, nothing to be done. So sorry…

Then I read what you wrote about this upcoming election in Georgia. Even if I am not American, I must tell you that most Canadians (and Europeans for that matter) positively hate your horrible president and the GOP and their extreme-right politics. I cannot get it, I cannot understand people that are conned by this gang of… better not write here what I intended to write.

You as a country are in dire straits to say the least.

Good luck to both of you, good luck to your country too, you will need it. Love from Québec.

Mae Travels said...

Your analysis of the various commercials & political ads is really interesting -- we mostly stream our TV these days, so we don't see them, but it's informative to know what's influencing people and how dumb the advertisers and politicos think they are. Well, maybe the voters are that dumb. Look who they voted into office!

The tests are really just as suspicious to me. I read that they base their conclusions on inadequate surveys, so many people get strange results -- unlike you!

So sorry you are suffering with your husband's illness.

best... mae at

Colette said...

Stunning quilts. I feel like I went to the show with you.

Sabine said...

I just discovered your bog (via Colette) and already you have given me so much to think about.

These quilts are simply amazing, I wish we had a culture of quilting here and I would get a chance to visit exhibitions like the one in your pictures.

Congratulations on the outcome of the French elections. It has been a relief and we watched the coverage on tv through the night last weekend.

A very close friend is in a similar situation with her husband. We talk on the phone almost every day. Two of my husband's maternal uncles suffered from alzheimer's at a time (1980s) when little was known and done to support patients and families.
I wonder whether you are interested in reading about this new research:

I am looking forward to follow your blog.

claude said...

Coucou Vagabonde !
Je vois que tu ne te lasses pas de rendre visite à Bulloch Hall pour admirer ces merveilleux quilts, qui représentent une montagne de travail.
Je vous souhaite un bon anniversaire de mariage.
Comme Thérèse, nos dernières élections se sentaient pas bons. Tout a été fait par notre ancien président pour que ce soit son dauphin le nouvel élu, tel un messie au sourire angélique. On va bientôt retomber dans des grèves et des manifestations qui vont comme d'habitude engendrer de la casse.
On peut noter que déjà tout nouvellement nommés ministres, deux ont déjà des affaires au derrière. Pauvre France !
Comme ça tu étais de Montmartre. Moi j'ai fait trois quartier, Charonne, avenue Parmentier et Montparnasse. Je vais à Paris au mois de Juillet, j'en ai besoin.
Je t'embrasse.
PS Je t'avais que j'allais t'envoyer un mail et je ne sais pas si je l'ai fait.

bayou said...

Hello dear Vagabonde, what a great window you open to me. I never watch TV with adverts, only very few things like gardening programs but so interesting to read how the minds of people are tried to be manipulated. But to read about your husband's condition is truely so so sad. I admire your courage and how brave you face it, it must be so heard.
Thank you for your comment on my blog, no so far, unfortunately, the dream burst because some Australians outbid us. I do sometimes fear to run out of time and hope we will manage but the next right object has not yet been found.
This does not stop us from travelling across every month or so to see the wee granddaughter. Precious moments. Sending you loads of strong vibes to manage to empty the other 7 rooms...

Nance said...

What a comprehensive post!

My thoughts are with you as you daily face struggles with your beloved husband. I can only imagine how difficult the days must become.

I have shared this and the previous Quilt Pictures with a friend who makes and appreciates quilts.

As to the Politics...I share the sentiments of Monsieur Gauthier, above. My husband and I have many dear friends in Ontario, Canada, and travel there often. We have never, ever felt so embarrassed and ashamed of our country and its..."leadership." We are daily--sometimes hourly--disgusted.

Jeanie said...

It's good to see you post and to see all the gorgeous quilts (oh, I would hate to be a judge for this show!) but what I'm most glad to hear is an update from you. And my two cents on your anniversary -- celebrate. Celebrate what you've had, what you've loved during your time together, what you've produced with your beautiful daughters and what love is -- the better and worse. Your husband may not know why it's a celebration or even that it is. But you will know. And you will know it marks 50 years of partnership that even the great sadness of illness cannot break, even though that illness may break your heart.

I was so relieved about Macron. And I'm also with you on that Liberty ad. And thanks for the info on the Prevagen. I didn't know that.

Dee said...

Dear Vagabonde, this posting had me holding my breath because you dared to really take on the ads and also the Trump fiasco and the PAC power here in our country. The beauty of the quilts helped me settle back into some serenity as I found myself becoming incensed over so much that happens in the United States.

I am so sorry to learn about your husband's dementia. I hope you find time to relax and take care of yourself in the midst of the loving care you take of him. Be gracious to yourself. Please. Peace.

Shammickite said...

What can I say that has not already been said regarding dementia? I am sending you my best wishes. Make sure you have time for yourself, so important for a caregiver, as well as taking care of your dear husband.
The quilts are stunning, I would love to see them in person. And thank you so much for the expose of the commercials. I don't watch them at all. Mostly I record the TV shows I want to watch, and then zip through the ads. Especially ignoring the ads for drugs and lawyers that I see so many of on USA TV shows. Not so much of that here in Canada.
And as for Trump..... well, I have nothing positive to say about him or his hangers-on.

Nadezda said...

Hi, Vagabonde!
I think the blue quilt is the best, you're right. I'm glad you will move to Nashville soon, it's better for you and Jim to be closer to your daughter family. Poor Jim, I'm so sorry to know his illness is so hard and you have many problem caring him.
About ad. I don't like it and never listen to. I often watch TV channels without ads, for example HDlife.
I'm also glad the Mr Macron is the French president, he's young and dynamic.
Have a nice weekend, dear!

Marty said...

My goodness! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you did because I enjoyed every single thing in this post! Yes, I love quilt shows. Yes, I despise Trump more than words can express. Your assessment of TV ads was a lesson in itself.

Also, if I can pass a blog on to you, take a visit to
The author is dealing with exactly the same issues at home that you are.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hello My Friend! Good to hear from you! I am so sorry about your husband and I am so sorry for you and your family!! It has to be so hard on everyone! I agree about the stupid, lying commercials! It's so sad, how many people "believe" everything they see and hear! What gorgeous quilts, WOW!! So nice to see my Prime Minister Trudeau on your blog! I wish France all the best! Sending you Big Hugs and Much Love!!

Vicki Lane said...

What amazing quilts! Such color and movement!

That is disturbing about the ad for the memory improvement prescription --and if Dear Leader has his way, there'll be no oversight of the validity or purity pr safety of anything.

Interesting that your husband responds best to commercials -- it tells us what part of our brains they are aimed at.

Glad to see you back in blog land -- this post is full of treasures!

joared said...

I kept track of the French election and was so pleased with the French people's choice. I derive hope that some degree of sanity will return to the U.S. eventually. Enjoyed photos of those lovely quilts. I prefer the photo on the right in the first row of two which I can imagine might be closest to an actual day time view.

Considering some of the challenges you're facing as a caregiver, I marvel that you are able to provide such fascinating blog posts. I hope your move allows you to gain more support and receive the care you need for yourself. I'm sure it must be difficult leaving the area where you are living but so many photos you've taken will surely help you recall wonderful memories.

Jeanne said...

Such lovely images! I have not been by your blog for quite awhile, but stopped in today to see what you have been up to, and am so so so sorry about your husbands dementia. That is such a difficult thing in life and worse for you probably than it is for him. Will keep you in my prayers.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Wow that is really a full post. I had to take exra time for it to all sink in.
My hubby is on low doseof Cialis to increase blood flow all around his body and it is helping his memory loss to some degree. He is less confused now. He's just been on iy foe econd month . A low dose too. The drug is currently being studied in EU for a means to help with dementia. Hubby is off all cholestrol lowering drugs too as they mess with fat that the beain needs. I feel lipdorbin my opinion is a very harmfuldrug. It does not reduce strokes ar heart attacks and it is still being sold as the most used drug in US.
I love thevquilts. And HUGS for doing your very best
Hapy 50 too.

sweffling said...

I was so thrilled when Macron was elected!! The quilts are gorgeous, if I was not such a bad sewer and had so little patience it would inspire me to have a go.
Thinking of you both as you go through tough times: aging is a horrible business and very hard and difficult. I do hope your house move goes smoothly when it happens:) xx

Susie Swanson said...

What a beautiful post and your quilts are lovely. I'm so happy you found my blog and appreciate your sweet comments. I will be your new follower.

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