Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog Intermission no. 5 (entr’acte) – Fall



Torn from trees

Ride the wind


in dainty






waft down


the earth

with gold.

- Jacqueline Borowick, Canadian Bilingual Poet, contemporary

A Golden Beam, John Atkinson Grimshaw, British 1836-1893

Jacqueline Borowick is a bilingual poet whose work has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies. A retired Presiding Bilingual Justice of the Peace she lives in Toronto, Canada.


La tombée




dans le vent



des arabesques


leur entrain





vers la terre

pour la parer


-Jacqueline Borowick, Poète bilingue Canadienne, contemporaine

Along the Seine, Maurice Prendergast, Canadian-born American Impressionist Painter, 1858-1924

Jacqueline Borowick est une auteure bilingue dont les poèmes ont été publiés dans de nombreuses revues littéraires et d’anthologies. Juge de Paix Bilingue à la retraite , elle habite Toronto, Canada.


Note: Blogger Break - Post pre-programmed –


DJan said...

Just wanted to say hello and hope you are doing well. It's always lovely to see you have popped up in my Reader. Lovely last picture, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Poetry must be one of the hardest things to be able to write in two languages. Lovely photos.

Rosaria Williams said...

I can't choose between the poems and the pictures. Merci'.

Friko said...

You are off again, I see.

A lovely poem, in both languages and some gorgeous photos to go with it.

Kenza said...

Magnifique! Très bel hymne à l'automne, saison que m'aime pour ces palettes de couleurs fauves.
Merci pour ce poème de Jacqueline Borowick que je découvre chez toi.
Très belle soirée et bon week-end chère Vagabonde

Baino said...

Along the Seine, how I miss that river.

Kay Dennison said...

Gorgeous!!!!!!! Both the photos and the poetry!!!!!

Pondside said...

I'm ashamed to say that this is a poet about whom I know nothing at all - off to find out more!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Ah, to be a poet. Lovely photos. Enjoy your vacation. We'll be looking forward to your return.

Vicki Lane said...

Lovely images and the perfect poem! Happy vagabonding, wherever you roam!

Zuzana said...

Beautiful images and paintings, all depicting the charm of fall. And I love your poetic words as well.;)

Ruth said...

I wish I were bilingual, as you are. It is a great disadvantage not to be. I know some Turkish, but not enough to translate verse.

Last week I found a Mallarmé poem that was nice. I found two translations, well a friend sent one. They were so vastly different! Clearly the translator of one had attempted to write a poem, through the sense of the original, which worked nicely. Then I put the French original through a robotic online translator, just to get a raw sense of the words. I wanted to work up a new poem "translation" of my own. This is not as satisfying as knowing the French and working it out that way, but it's a fun project. Yes, translating a poem is quite a challenge, as my friend Lorenzo points out in his Miguel Hernández translations.

Darlene said...

This post is a lovely impression of fall. I especially liked 'Along the Seine'.

Mage said...

Lovely inspiring stuff. Thank you!

""°o.O Nancy O.o°"" said...

*** Un petit coucou en ce lundi matin ... Tes photos sont belles Vagabonde ! je te souhaite un très bon début de semaine ! BISOUS en direct de PARIS ! ***

Ginnie said...

After reading Ruth's comment, all I could think was "If anyone can do it, YOU can!" Even your intermissions are eloquent, Vagabonde.

Anonymous said...

The poem perfeclty illustrates the season... and your pictures! Feels like winter already here though. :-(

Pame Recetas said...

So subtle as Autumn, in French or English, a pleasure to read. Loved the last picture. Big hugs

Jeanie said...

Your blog breaks are as dazzling as anyone's longer post!

kyh said...

I've yet to experience fall, what's more the other seasons other than summer! :(

Fall is beautiful. I've always loved the reddish colours of autumn leaves. :)

claude said...

Coucou Vagabonde !
Tout d'abor, merci pour ta carte postale aves les twin towers.
Les couleurs de l'automne que tu nous montres sont très belles. Elles accompagnent de bien beaux poèmes.
Moi, pendant trois semaines, j'ai vu beaucoup de vert et quelques jolies fleurs.

lorilaire said...

jolie association entre poème et peinture, bonne fin de semaine vagabonde !

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