Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blog Intermission no 19 (entr’acte) Fabric

The picture above was taken in September last year on a road in Long Island, New York.  
 Thank you for all your kind comments to my last post.  I have read them all but right now life is hectic and I have been short of time and away from the computer.  I’ll visit your blogs as soon as I can.   My husband had another procedure at the hospital last Tuesday which went well and now this will be followed up with a series of treatments.  I have many pictures to download for future posts and will write them soon.  So today I am posting a short poem by Don Blanding (1894-1957.)  He was a poet, a journalist and an artist.  He traveled all over the world but loved his home in Hawaii the best.  This is what he called himself: “Artist by nature, actor by instinct, poet by accident, and vagabond by choice.”
Painting by Sharon Egan, American contemporary

I try to live each day
In such a way
That when tomorrow makes today a yesterday
I will have woven into the fabric of my life
Some gay design,

Untitled, 1990 by Yayoi Kusama, Japanese, born in 1929

  Some patch of color,

La Voyageuse, by Jean-Louis Salvadori, French contemporary
Bright, to please the eye.

Thin Fingers, 1969 by Pat Lipsky, American, born 1941 (acrylic on canvas - Hirshhorn Museum)

So that, in the graying years to come,


Landscape in Winter by Ivan F. Choultse, Russian, 1877-1932

When all the quick responsive senses dull,
I may look back across the patterns of my past

Autumne sur la passerelle des Arts by Jacques Coquillay, French, born 1935

 And, in my memory,
Live the joys and pains
Of all my yesterdays.

  - Don Blanding
Twilight Parlour, by Mary-Alayne Thomas, American, contemporary

I tried Google Translate to get a French translation of the above poem and it was barely understandable, so I am translating it myself. 

L’Arbre de Vie(The Tree of Life) Indian fabric

J'essaie de vivre chaque jour
De telle manière,
Que quand demain fera d’aujourd'hui un hier
J’aurai tracé dans le tissu de ma vie
des dessins joyeux,

Painting by Claude Grobety, French, born 1940

Des morceaux de couleurs

Fire in the Evening, Paul Klee, Swiss, 1879-1940

- tous brillants pour plaire à l'œil.

Flowers by Andranik Sargisian, Armenian-Russian, contemp

Pour que dans les années grisonnantes à venir,

Autumn afternoon, Paris by David Farren, British, born 1972
Lorsque tous les sens rapides deviendront ternes,
Je pourrais regarder la trame de mon passé

Jardins du Luxembourg, Lynn Shaler American born 1955

Et, dans ma mémoire,
Revivre les joies et les peines
De tous mes hiers.
- Don Blanding, American 1894-1957


La Rêveuse, 1876  de James Jacques Joseph Tissot, French 1836-1902

-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o -

Note -  Post pre-programmed –  This is a blogger break or a blog rest.  I still cannot get the spacing right.  Please read some of my earlier posts which you may have missed – thank you and see you soon – a bientôt!

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