Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bulloch Hall 35th Quilt Show - second floor

This is a continuation of my post of last month on the Bulloch Hall 35th Quilt Show.  I was hoping to come back earlier to write this post but have barely been on the computer because of our future move.  We did move more furniture and boxes to Nashville but still have a long way to go to be finished - several months, at least.  But to get back to the quilt show - as we arrived upstairs in the Bulloch Hall mansion one quilt, no. 80, was exhibited in the hall and quite striking.  It is called "The Bride wore Red" by Kay Donges who says "I wanted to create a quilt using sparkly fabric in my favorite color (red.)  I envisioned an Indian bride.  Red is the color of life - a new life.  A wedding indicates a significant change in the life of a traditional Indian woman."

A Quilt Guild member was working in Irvine's Bedroom.  The bed was covered by quilt no. 83 "Family Stars" by Susan R. Morrison.  Next to the bed, on the wall, was quilt no. 85 "Downtown" by Susan Riser, which took her three years to complete.  Quilt no. 88 "Tuscany Rose" by Suzanne Gipaio has a flannel background.  Quilt no. 90 "Beach Fun" on the single bed was made by Pat Simone who says that she originally made napkins to use at the family vacation at the beach but since the family did not use them she repurposed them into a quilt.  (Click on any collage twice to enlarge.)

On the collage below, quilt on the left, on top, is no. 86 "Mississippi Delta Blues" by Ben Hollingsworth who says "I love music, especially the blues.  This is a tribute to the people from the Mississippi Delta, where the blues grew up."  Next to it, quilt no. 84 "Flight Plan" by Julie Bizzoso, is representing flying geese.

Quilt no. 87 below is "Graceland" by Alegra Bobette Robinson who says that she pieced this quilt on a trip with her two sisters to visit Elvis' home in Memphis, Tennessee.  Below it is quilt no. 89 "Kaleidoscope Luminosity" by Pam Reis - certainly a lovely glowing quilt, almost fluorescent.

We were greeted in the Sewing Room with quilt no. 106 "Hope" by Holly Anderson, quilted in honor of the Cure and Breast Cancer Awareness.  The bottom quilt on the right is "April Showers Bring May Flowers" by Karen Gornall with fun and colorful umbrellas.

Last year in my post about the 34th Quilt Show at Bulloch Hall, I showed a book, exhibited in Mittie's Bedroom, (click here) entitled "Mittie and Thee - An 1853 Roosevelt Romance."  Written by M. Huddleston and Gwendolyn I. Koehler, it is the romance between Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. and Mittie Bulloch.  They became the parents of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., the 26th President of the United States.  The courtship was shown through their letters.  This year, the second volume, written by the same authors, is entitled "Between the Wedding and the War: The Bulloch Roosevelt Letters - 1854-1860."  It is the continuing saga of the two families, the Roosevelts of New York, and the Bullochs of Georgia, during the Civil War.  It gives an historical view of the antebellum society from the south and the north of the United States at the time.  This year the book was exhibited on a table in the Sewing Room.  Unfortunately, we missed going into Mittie's Bedroom because we ran out of time.

Another fun quilt in the Sewing Room was "Cat Treats" by Helga Diggelmann.  I liked the green square with all the little frogs, but then the red square with the little birds was sweet, too.

Quilt no. 104 "Not my first Black and White" by Sandra Teepen was next to no. 105 "License Tags" by Meg Latimer - which I showed on top of this post.  Meg says that she collected these "license tags" fabrics from 46 different quilt shops while driving to Minnesota.

The Civil War Room had some patriotic quilts on display.  Quilt no. 114, upper right corner below, is "Reacher" by Ben Hollingsworth.  Next to it is quilt no. 115, "Patriotic Rail Fence" by Nancy French who says that it was made for a Nicaraguan friend who is now an American citizen.  Below is quilt no. 116 "Pinwheel Flags" by Katy King.

Returning to the Upstairs Hall I took the picture of two lovely table runners in blue shades.  I'd love to have one of them on my table in our Nashville house.  Our dining area has been painted a light blue tone; however, there is no table there yet ... Runner no. 78, "Victorian Star Table Runner" is by Emily West and table runner no. 79, "Blue  Table Runner" is by Pat Simone.

I really wish I could finish this post by showing the quilts in the Attic, but unfortunately there is no time.  As it is, I really should not blog anymore until our house in Georgia has been totally cleared out.  But I do miss blogging and I feel that posting once a month helps me stay optimistic and happy.  I'll try to finish our visit at Bulloch Hall as soon as I can - stay posted ... and thanks for coming.  While you wait, here is a photo I took of Bulloch Hall with a special setting on my Nikon camera - now I am not sure what setting that was (oops) but still think it looks charming, a bit like a colored pencil drawing.

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