Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bulloch Hall 35th Quilt Show - first floor

Bulloch Hall presented again this year a lovely display of creative and colorful quilts, new and old, contemporary and antiques.  As in previous years the quilts were hanging throughout the antebellum 1840 mansion.  This 35th Great American Cover-up Quilt Show took place March 10 through 19, 2017.

We went on Friday afternoon, March 17, which was St. Patrick's Day.  The lady and her daughter ahead of us were wearing their "green."  My husband was also wearing his green trousers.  There were not many leaves on trees but still plenty of green foliage and green grass. (Click on collage twice to enlarge.)

The 35th Quilt Show was dedicated to the memory of Dorothy L. Bovard.  Dorothy was a member of the Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild for more than 25 years and executed beautiful original quilts.  Her family loaned two of her quilts which were on display at the top of the stairs going from the first floor to the second floor; they are shown below.  One is called "Snow Falling on Spring Flowers (2003)" and the other is "Whoo-o-o Makes your Happy (2008)" - a quilt to make children laugh.

There was a table in the Front Hall with brochures giving information on the quilts.  We were also given a ticket to enter the quilt number of our favorite quilt.

Quilt no. 1 (top left below) is called Intertwined Hearts by Ann Quandee who made the quilt to celebrate her husband's parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  The Parlor had a special exhibit by artist Elizabeth Barton, who was born in York, England and immigrated to the USA.  She makes beautiful wall hangings but photographs were not allowed.  (You can catch a glimpse at a couple of them from the side of the left bottom photo below.)

The left bottom photo above is quilt no. 7 "Teaching of Baltimore" by Elizabeth Frolet.  It took 1,500 hours to complete.  Her quilt won the 2017 Viewer Choice Award.

Quilt No. 5 called "Daisy" by Subbha Thrivikraman was developed from a photograph taken in her garden.

Quilt No. 6 "A Toast to Toulouse Lautrec" by Kay Donges is a tribute to the French artist.  In this illustration Lautrec took his inspiration from can-can dancer Jane Avril and from Aristide Bruant who was a cabaret singer, comedian and nightclub owner.

As we walked into the Dining Room the work of talended quilters was displayed on the table, and on the walls.

 While I was taking a picture of the quilt on the table I heard a noise - one of the quilts had fallen to the floor.  No one was close to it; I went back to snap its picture.  Later on, the quilt owner, Wanda Rose Stewart, took the quilt away.  I was pleased to have taken the picture of her red headed paper doll quilt.  The quilt was named "Rose Girl #1 ... Paper Doll Stories."

I liked quilt no. 12 "ABC's Meet Quilt Blocks" by Elleda Rule, a fun quilt.

Unique quilts were warming the atmosphere in the Warming Room.

I liked the "Great Blue Heron" by Marie Monks Wood in the Back Hall.  No. 34 is "Village on the Danube" by Dianes Berdis - quilted after a trip down the Danube River.

In the Informal Parlor was quilt no. 43 "Sunny" by Ellen Lott, which I placed already at the top of this post.  Ellen says that she was given the colors blue and orange as a challenge and, to her, that meant the sun and sky.  No. 37, top left below, is "My Pieces of Peace" by Joyce Daniels and includes some Adinkra symbols from Africa.

More lovely quilts were waiting in the Master Bedroom.

I walked around the room to take a closer look at them.

Quilt No. 57 is called "Wooly Critters" by Pam Bohlander of Marietta, GA.

The raffle quilt "Shakespeare in the Park" was hanging in the Library.  Another lovely red quilt was no. 66 "Star of Mu" by O. V. Brantley of Atlanta.  She says "Star of Mu commemorates my daughter's initiation into our sorority Delta Sigma Theta - Mu Chapter."

The vertical quilt on the left, below, is "Tropical Island" by Joan Lindley of Savannah and the vertical quilt on the right is "You are my Sunshine" by Holly Anderson of Cumming, GA.

Next we went up the staircase going to the second floor, stopping along the way to admire more pretty quilts.  Quilt no. 73 is called "My Daddy" by Emily Wert.  She says "Given to my mother in memory of my wonderful daddy, Jan Boal (10-20-30 to 1-16-13.)"

The quilts from the second floor and attic will be shown in my next post because I am short of time.  We are still in the process of moving to Nashville, but the process is going very slowly.  My husband's dementia/Alzheimer is in the middle stages now and he needs more supervision.  Since I am the sole caregiver I have very little free time to do much else, including clearing the house or going on the computer.  I thought that last Sunday, March 26, being my birthday, I would spend some fun time and write this post, but found out that my only first cousin, from Cairo, Egypt, had passed away that day.  I was sad and did very little.  Since my husband did not remember it was my birthday, we did not celebrate.

My mother used to buy some hyacinth bulbs for my birthday.  I did buy a small pot but it had not bloomed yet and I did not see that the bulbs were tulips, no hyacinths, but they were pretty.  But I do not want to end on a sad note.  Just a couple of days ago as we were walking to the store I saw this little boy statue holding a small frog.  He looks innocent and happy surrounded by spring flowers - spring is here!

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