Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guest post

Hello Vagabonde friends! I am Vagabonde's eldest daughter, who has a far less impressive blog here. My Mother said I could publish a guest post in her absence...

My parents have just come back from their very long trip. I can't wait to see all the pictures and adventures. Until then, I thought I would share the postcards that I received from them. I have a whole album of all the postcards that my parents send me. No matter how short the trip is or how near or far, they always send me postcards. I am one lucky daughter.

This postcard I got a week or so ago. Obviously, it is from Italy. My Mother writes that they were no cars there and that the roads were like 6 foot wide or less. She also mentioned that she and my Father were taking a water bus everywhere so I am curious to hear more about that!

This one I just got in the mail today. It was from a "lovely little town near the original Olympia, birth of the Olympic games." She also mentioned that they were enjoying beautiful weather.

This colors in the postcard seem so Greek to me; don't you agree? I am sure she must have gotten me this one because earlier this year I adopted a truly feral kitten that looks very similar to the one in the postcard. It started with me and my parents feeding her while I was staying in a corporate apartment in Atlanta.

Fluffy (the feral) checks out an empty pot in my backyard,
while Jem sniffs around

I couldn't bear to leave her when I went to Memphis, so although catching her was pretty rough, I did. I took her to the vet, got all her shots and microchip and then she was popped into the car and taken to Memphis with my other cats, who now love her!
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