Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog Intermission no. 2 (entr’acte) - A Summer Song

Below is a lovely poem I read a couple of weeks ago. It is in a book called “Wings of Song” – a collection of poems by Phyllis Sparta, published in 1983. There is little information on this poet. Born and raised in Florida, she graduated from the University of Puerto Rico. Phyllis received many awards for her work. Trilingual, she has traveled widely. Phyllis Sparta is the founding member of the National league of American Pen Women, St Augustine, Florida.

Reading, Melinda Byers, American, Contemporary

Summer Song

As you tour the sun-scorched highway
Underneath a summer sky,

Traffic in Atlanta, Georgia (Photograph from the Web, unknown author)

Has some green, enchanting byway
Ever lured your restless eye?

Photograph taken outside of Plains, Georgia

Have you longed to leave the traffic;
Felt a yearning there and then

Atlanta traffic at night (Photograph from the Web, unknown author)

To explore the leafy shadows
Of some cool tree-shaded glen?

Photo taken in Asheville, North Carolina, summer 2009

Have you thrilled to sunlit waters
As they shimmer in the light?

Oconaluftee River in Cherokee, North Carolina , July 2009

Has a sudden field of flowers
Filled your heart with pure delight?

Fields taken in the Biltmore Estate, Asheville NC, summer 2009

As you hustle on your journey
To some drear appointed goal,
Has the beauty of a landscape
Ever charmed your harried soul?

Nature’s Gardens, Vintage Tuck’s Postcard

If the simple arts of Nature
Thus can make your spirits sing –

Photo taken near Americus, Georgia, August 2009

Though your years may be of Winter;
Still your heart belongs to Spring!

- Phyllis Sparta, American Contemporary

Painting Victor Vignon, French, 1847-1909

Picture at the very top was taken at Jimmy Carter’s boyhood farm in Plains, Georgia, August 2009

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Vicki Lane said...

That poem might have been written just for you!

Is the Asheville scene taken from the Biltmore House?

Fennie said...

What a lovely poem and so true. How often does one long to leave the car and plunge deep into the woods following the trails over the hills and far away from the modern world?
I do love your picture of North Carolina and Georgia. I reckon I could feel very much at home there.

Linda Reeder said...

Lovely poem. I love to take that road less traveled.

DJan said...

Lovely, VB! I enjoyed the poetry, the pictures, and a little bit of YOU mixed in, too. I hope you are having a wonderful blogger break.

Lynne Spreen said...

This post is just beautiful. Thank you for the respite from my busy day.
Your fellow Pen Woman,

Anonymous said...

The pictures are a perfect match to the poem! I'm usually not a poetry person but I admit this one is lovely.

Ginnie said...

I love the way you have paid tribute to this poet, Vagabonde. My guess is that if she saw this she would have a smile on her face.

Elaine said...

Lovely poem and beautiful photos to illustrate it. I am often lured by "some green, enchanting byway". As I grow older I more often give in to the urge to follow it.

TorAa said...

Words and Photos are just breathtaking.
The reading woman is just amazing.

See you on Thursday;)

Shammickite said...

Pictures and Poetry... Perfect!
I hope you are enjoying your blog break.... and enjoying what is left of the summer.

The Glamorous Gourmet said...

Wow, love your blog - what fabulous photos too:) I just signed up to follow you - stop by and visit sometime at Looking forward to your next post!

Jeanie said...

So very beautiful, these words. And equally beautiful, your illustrations.

claude said...

Joli poème, en effet, et très bien illustré. Atlanta, la nuit, est très belle.
La femme qui lit sous son grand chapeau blanc est très belle et j'aime aussi le jardin fleuri.
Moi, mon coeur appartient plus à l'été qu'au printemps.
Septembre est proche et là mon coeur prend le bourdon jusqu'au mois de février, quand je vois mes premiers crocus sortir de terre.

lunarossa said...

Beautiful, many thanks. Ciao. A.

sablonneuse said...

The poem and pictures are very moving.
Enjoy your break.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Nice pictures and paintings here, that caught my eyes :)

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

How are you by the way? I know I'm here after a very long time!

lorilaire said...

Quel contraste entre les photos de villes et de nature !
Bizz Lori

Deborah said...

Another thoughtful, quiet post. I liked that you interspersed your own photos of the natural world with busy scenes of chaotic life.

Anonymous said...

This poem was written by my beautiful grandmother. She has always been my inspiration.

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