Saturday, June 13, 2009

Award and Blogs

Elaine of the blog “Arctic View” nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award, for which I am very honored. I am not following the award process of nominating 7 other blogs (Elaine says it's OK) because I am new in the blogosphere and read too many blogs at random. But I am very appreciative of Elaine’s kindness – she has a beautiful blog which you should visit. Here is the link:

My blog was started under the tutelage of my daughter Céline as an avenue for reminiscing about my family, country of origin and travels. Lately I have been posting mostly about recent trips and have not had much time to research old family records and photographs, but I shall get there.

Being new at blogging I did not realize how many blogs there were, with such a variety of subjects (photography, sports, politics, hobbies, gardening, traveling, etc.) in this country and the world. For example, I’ll start looking at one blog, then click on one of the blog names listed as a link, then go to that one and click on the name of another blog listed there and so on and on. Finally I’ll have no idea how I found myself on a certain blog. For example as today reading the blog “Red Pine Mountain” I may read it once and move somehow to another one like “Kiss The Cook” which I also just found. If I do not bookmark these blogs, I don’t think I’ll ever find them again. There are so many interesting blogs to visit and read (as of July 2005 there were 70 million blogs in the world according to the Blog Herald.)

So I’ll continue posting and reading many “blogs” – which is a contraction of the word web and log – a website maintained by persons posting on different subjects. In the meantime, I thank Elaine of Arctic View for kindly nominating Recollections of a Vagabonde for this award.

Thank you


DJan said...

You deserve it, Vagabonde. I enjoy your take on life very much and am glad you're here!

Friko said...

I do exactly the same, Vagabonde. I'm very glad we found each other's blogs that way.
I also manage my award that way; perhaps I will get round to passing them on eventually. By the way, would you like a meme? It's yours if you want it? Let me know and I'll post it up for you.

Isn't blogging fun!

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